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Forced Order
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The last northern king's bastard brother who wanted to assasinate the dragons
Ironborn King of the Isles and Rivers
The king of Storm's End at the time of Aegon's conquest
Aegon the Conqueror's older sister who secured the Vale without bloodshed
Dragon ridden by Aegon's older sister on which the last King of the Vale became Lord of the Vale
Battle where dragon fire allowed Aegon to defeat a much larger host assenbled by the King of the Rock and King of the Reach
The first master of coin
Lord of Oldtown who offered his city and sword to Aegon
The year of the Doom of Valyria
Dragon with golden eyes and silver scales ridden by Aegon's younger sister
Battle where the Storm King killed Garse VII Gardener, King of the Reach
The King in the North who surrendered to Aegon and is known through history as the King Who Knelt
Hill where Aegon's first castle was built
King of the Rock who laid his sword and crown at Aegon's feet to become the first Warden of the West and Lord of Casterly Rock
Targaryen lord who took up residence in Dragonston 12 years before the Doom
The first master of laws
Battle where Aegon's Hand and sister defeated the host of Storm's End
Aegon's childhood friend and champion
Daughter of Targaryen lord who foresaw the destruction of Valyria by fire
The boy king of the Vale who became a lord as he took a ride on a dragon
Valyrian steel blade wielded by Aegon
The first master of ships
Aegon the Conqueror's younger sister who was the first to go to Dorne
A crude wood-and-earth castle Aegon founded at the future King's Landing
The 100 years following the Doom of Valyria
Steward of Highgarden who became Lord of Highgarden and Warden of the South when he surrendered the castle to Aegon after the King of the Reach died
A fifty foot table at Dragonstone carved in the shape of Westeros
Valyrian longsword wielded by Aegon's older sister
Aegon's dragon, the largest and oldest of the dragons that conquered Westeros
Lord of Riverrun who declared with Aegon against the ironborn ruler of the Riverlands
Heir to Storm's End who declared herself the Storm Queen when her father was defeated
The last King of the Reach who died with the rest of his line
Queen and regent of the Vale, onlce named 'The Flower of the Mountain,' the fairest maid in the Seven Kingdoms
Princess of Dorne who was eighty when Rhaenys met with her in an abandoned castle. She had been nicknamed 'the Yellow Toad of Dorne'

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