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Longest River
# of Districts
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Symbol on Flag/Coat of Arms
Tallest Structure
Tallest Building
German Parliament Building
Residence of German President
Famous Gate
Famous Column
Biggest Stadium
Big central park
Any one of Berlin's airports
HintAnswerExtra Info
Central square of East Berlin
Central boulevard of West Berlin
One of the most successful Soccer Clubs
Occupation Zone after WW2
Occupation Zone after WW2
Occupation Zone after WW2
Occupation Zone after WW2
Construction of Berlin Wall
Fall of Berlin Wall
German capital since
Replaced ___ as capital
Olympic host year
'Ich bin ein Berliner.' - ___
'Tear down this wall!' - ___
One of Berlin's European sister cities
One of Berlin's sister cities in the Americas
One of Berlin's other sister cities

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