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Rapid Fire I
RF1; has won 8 Cup titles. 
RF1; his only tournament. 
RF1; yes... he's won a Knowles Cup. 
RF1; has won a record 9 Cups. 
RF1; his only tournament. 
RF1; also played in RF3. 
RF1; 3-time Cup winner, 2-time MVP. 
RF1; 3rd all-time with 6 Cups. 
Rapid Fire II
RF2; suspended after RF3. 
RF2; only played in first 3 tourneys. 
RF2; tied finals shootout in sudden death. 
RF2; scored shootout winner in RF2. 
RF2; 3-time Cup winner, 2-time MVP. 
RF2; only Cup win in 7 career tourneys. 
RF2; captain of RF3's infamous Team Norm. 
RF2; 30 career goals in 21 games. 
Rapid Fire III
RF3; won Cup in only career tourney. 
RF3; 3 Cups in 11 career tourneys. 
RF3; third player to reach 4-Cup plateau. 
RF3; first set of brothers to win Cup. 
RF3; first set of brothers to win Cup. 
RF3; first suspended player for on-ice infraction. 
Rapid Fire IV
RF4; 4-time winner has two title-clinching shootout goals. 
RF4; originally started at Venetian Shores. 
RF4; third-oldest Knowles Cup champion. 
RF4; second-youngest ever Knowles Cup winner. 
RF4; one of the trophy namesake's two Cup titles. 
RF4; two-time champ over 5 years apart. 
RF4; 3-time Cup champion over 5 tourneys. 
RF4; only person ever with name on both the Stanley Cup and the Knowles Cup. 
Rapid Fire V
RF5; 3-time Cup winner was captain of White in RF5. 
RF5; scored Cup-winning goal in only tourney. 
RF5; only win in four tourneys; was tourney MVP. 
RF5; only Cup win, also played in RF6. 
RF5; 5-time Cup winner in 13 career tourneys. 
RF5; 5-time Cup winner in 11 career tourneys. 
RF5; 2 Cups, only 1 goal in 65 career games. 
Rapid Fire VI
RF6; two Cups over 8 tourneys. 
RF6; 3-time Cup winner in 7 career tourneys. 
RF6; his lone Knowles Cup in 6 career tourneys. 
RF6; the oldest winner of the Knowles Cup has won it three times. 
RF6; 4 Cups and 6 Finals appearances in 6 tourneys. 
RF6; 5 Cups in 11 career tourneys. 
Rapid Fire VII
RF7; only woman to ever win the Knowles Cup. 
RF7; two Cups in 10 career tournaments. 
RF7; never made another Finals appearance. 
Rapid Fire VIII
RF8; tourney MVP with 10 goals and 10 assists. 
RF8; lone championship of short career. 
RF8; 7-0-1 record in net in only career tourney. 
RF8; only Knowles Cup in 3 career tourneys. 
RF8; second-all-time in tourney penalty minutes. 
RF8; won twice more with Saphire/Crowley/Cataldo mini-dynasty. 
Rapid Fire IX
RF9; first 8-0-0 goalie has 3 Cups in 9 career tourneys. 
RF9; only Knowles Cup in two tournaments. 
RF9; 2 Cup titles in 5 tourneys. 
Rapid Fire X
RF10; only career tourney, 0 points. 
RF10; first of two Cups, second had winless prelim in RF14. 
Rapid Fire XI
RF11; 2 Cups, 82 points in 8 tourneys. 
RF11; was also cup-winning MVP of Rapid Fire XIII. 
RF11; only Cup in four career tourneys. 
RF11; only Cup win in three career tourneys. 
RF11; MVP of RF11 has won three Knowles Cups. 
Rapid Fire XII
RF12; Tourney MVP in only career appearance. 
RF12; two Knowles Cups in six career tourneys. 
RF12; only Knowles Cup in 2 tourneys. 
RF12; only Cup in only career tournament. 
Rapid Fire XIII
RF13; only Cup win in 9 career tourneys. 
RF13; only Cup in only career tournament. 
RF13; second-oldest Cup champion has 3 Cups in 5 tourneys. 
Rapid Fire XIV
RF14; Devin McDonnell's cousin has one more Cup than him! 
Rapid Fire XV
RF15; two Cup crowns in six tournaments. 
RF15; only Knowles Cup in 5 tourneys. 
RF15; only Cup win in 3 tournaments. 
RF15; only Cup title in 8 career tourneys. 
Rapid Fire XVI
RF16; took until 12th tourney to finally win a Cup. 
RF16; took until 12th tourney to finally win a Cup. 
RF16; only Knowles Cup in six tourneys. 
RF16; won first Cup in his 7th tourney played. 
RF16; was on all Logan/Eddie Team Whites from RF12-RF16. 
RF16; one Cup and 12+ points in each of 3 tourneys. 
RF16; 8 goals + Knowles Cup in tourney debut. 
Rapid Fire XVII
RF17; one Cup in two career tourneys. 
RF17; one Cup in two career tourneys. 

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