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You don't expect everything in a novel to be made up, do you? Try and name some of the real-life people who have appeared in the Sharpe series of novels.

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British Army Officer and namesake to a boot, b. 1769 d. 1852Share's Tiger - Sharpe's Devil
Indian Maratha prince, b. 1750 d. 1799Sharpe's Tiger
Hanoverian soldier, in service to East India Company and Maratha PrinceSharpe's Triumph, Sharpe's Trafalgar
Famed Royal Navy Officer, Hero of the Nile, with his own square, b. 1758 d. 1805Sharpe's Trafalgar
British General, b. 1761 d. 1809, CorunaSharpe's Rifles
British Brigade Commander, Commander-in-Chief (1828) b. 1772 d. 1842Sharpe's Eagle
British Diplomat and Politician, older brother is better-known,b. 1773 d. 1847Sharpe's Fury
Scottish Officer and Politician, b. 1748 d. 1843Sharpe's Fury
Irish Catholic Priest and Rector of University of Salamanca, b. 1740 d. 1832Sharpe's Sword
Nobleman and Marshal of France, b. 1774 d. 1852Sharpe's Sword
Prince of Wales, later King of Great Britain, b. 1762 d. 1830Sharpe's Regiment
Prince of Orange, later King of the Netherlands, b. 1792 d. 1849Sharpe's Waterloo
Second-in-Command to Wellington, Waterloo, b. 1768 d. 1854Sharpe's Waterloo
Aide-de-Camp and tutor to Prince of Orange, b. 1773 d. 1850Sharpe's Waterloo
Prussian Nobleman and Army Commander, b. 1742 d. 1819Sharpe's Waterloo
Spanish Officer present at both Trafalgar and Waterloo, b. 1770 d. 1843Sharpe's Waterloo
Emperor of the French, b. 1769 d. 1821Sharpe's Waterloo, Sharpe's Devil
Scottish Royal Navy Admiral and basis for Hornblower and Aubrey-Maturin novels, b. 1775 d. 1860Sharpe's Devil

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