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Can you name the officers of the South Essex according to the Sharpe novels?

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Forced Order
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Colonel-in-ChiefNamed colonel-in-chief in 1813.
Founder, Lieutenant ColonelDecommissioned after Talavera.
Lietuenant ColonelTook command after Talavera. Wounded at Ciudad Rodrigo.
Lieutenant ColonelTook command after Ciudad Rodrigo. Killed at Salamanca.
Grenadier Company Commander, Major, Lieutenant ColonelAmerican Loyalist. Killed at Vitoria.
Second Battalion Commander, Lieutenant ColonelSuffered mental breakdown in battle, late 1813.
Lieutenant ColonelStepped down from command at Waterloo.
Rifle Brigade Commander, Light Company Commander, Major, Lieutenant ColonelTook command at Waterloo.
MajorOne of few competent officers.
Lieutenant, Captain, MajorDrunkard. Joined 1811/1812.
Captain, MajorJoined 1813. Wounded at Waterloo.
CaptainFormerly of 78th Highlanders. Killed defending bridge.
Lieutenant, Captain of Grenadier CompanyKilled at Badajoz.
LieutenantKilled in skirmish.
LieutenantKilled at Talavera.
EnsignKilled at Talavera.
EnsignKilled at Badajoz.
Sergeant, RSMIrish. Honourably discharged after Toulouse.
SergeantFormerly of 33rd Foot. Deserted after Badajoz.
SergeantLost leg at Talavera. Worked as armoury sergeant at Chelmsford Depot.
SergeantRecruiting sergeant.
SergeantDrill sergeant. Killed in late 1813.
Private, SergeantJoined 1814. Promoted after Waterloo.

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