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Can you try and name the food and drink mentioned in Brian Jacques' Redwall series?

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DescriptionFood or Drink
The favorite drink of Redwall Dibbuns, all sweet and fizzy.
Form of bread eaten at Redwall Abbey. When hardened, make excellent throwing disks.
Every Redwall Dibbun's favorite snack. Even sparrow kings for that matter.
The single hottest spice in all of Mossflower. Otters enjoy, other creatures steer clear.
A dumpling soup made by the otters north of Mossflower Woods.
The most celebrated autumn brew of the Redwall cellarmasters, though its preparation is a big secret.
Otter specialty, loaded with vegetables and very spicy.
A dish of dumplings and sauce. Good if made by Guosim shrews. Not so much if prepared by searats.
DescriptionFood or Drink
Food for travelling, baked especially by the Guosim shrews.
A delicious drink served either hot or cold. Crumpets anyone?
Creation of Friar Alder made especially for the Father Abbot who preferred savory over sweet.
A foul-tasting spirit drunk by pirates and other vermin.
A filling mole specialty, filled with beans, beets, potatoes and turnips.
The prized recipe of Friar Hugo served at Abbot Mortimer's jubilee feast, with a little help from Matthias and Brother Alf.
A sweet, creamy dessert created by Friar Hugo, dedicated to Abbot Mortimer and well-loved by the Redwall moles.

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