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What was the second level in Goldeneye 64?
Where was the first Metal Gear Solid game set?
In Left 4 Dead 2, what is the finale called in Swamp Fever?
In Pokémon, what does Flaaffy evolve into?
In Fallout 3, Butch DeLoria and Paul Hannon Jr are two members of the Tunnel Snakes. Who is the third?
In Fallout 3, which vault houses the Garys?
In the Sims 1, there were two money cheats. One was rosebud, what was the other?
In Final Fantasy 7, what is Red XIII's real name?
In The Sims, what language do they speak?
In GTA4, Katt Williams is one of the hosts at the Comedy Club. Who is the other?
In Fallout New Vegas, what is Boone's first name?
In Morrowind, whose ring can you find in the Tutorial area?
In Final Fantasy 10, Luzzu is one of the two crusaders you meet in Besaid. Who is the other?
In the Metal Gear series, what is Otacon's last name?
In Final Fantasy 7, What is Aeris' job?
In Halo, what was the first alien race Master Chief fought?
In Tekken, who hosted the first 'King of the Iron Fist' tournament?
In Pokémon Red and Blue, what type does Cinnabar Island's gym prefer?
In Fallout 3, what radio station does Three Dog run?
In Street Fighter, what country does Blanka crash in?
What is the orange ghost called in Pacman?
In Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, Raikou and Entei were two of the legendary beasts. What was the third?
In Fallout New Vegas, which trait gives you access to more 'zany' aspects of the universe?
Which game saw Luigi as the main protagonist for the first time?
What is Rinoa's father called in Final Fantasy 8?
In the Ratchet and Clank series, what does R.Y.N.O stand for?
What is Sonic's nemesis called?
In Pokémon Ruby and Emerald, what item lets you identify Kecleons?
In Final Fantasy 10, where can you find Anima?
What is the main weapon used by the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts?
In Chrono Trigger, which team member can you recruit in 2300 AD?
In Pokémon Gold and Silver, what is the starting town called?
In Final Fantasy 7, what is Barrets initially equipped weapon?
In Fallout 3, which settlement is rumoured to contain cannibals?
In the Elder Scrolls universe, if High Elves are Altmer, and Dark Elves are Dunmer, what are Wood Elves?
In Skyrim, what item do you get from Clavicus Vile if you refuse to kill Barbas?
In Tekken, what is Paul's last name?
What was Mario's name in his first appearance?
In Metal Gear Solid, what is General Campbell's codec frequency?
What are the summon monsters called in Final Fantasy 8?
In Final Fantasy 9, what can Quina learn by eating an Ironite?
In Metal Gear Solid, what is the name of the man who often suffered from diarrhoea?
What is the second playable stage in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3?
In Fallout 3, there is an android who lives in Rivet City. What is his name?
What does Solid Snake tell Raiden his name is in Metal Gear Solid 2?
In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, what power up is given after defeating Dingodile?
In World of Warcraft, which dungeon is beneath Orgrimmar?
What tribe is the focal point of Fallout New Vegas' Honest Hearts DLC?
In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, what is the nick name of Sean Johnson, CJ's older brother?
In Fallout 3, what was the President of the Enclave called?
In the Portal series, who was the founder of Aperture Science?
In Street Fighter, what tattoo does Guile have on his arm?
Which region is TES IV: Oblivion set in?
What is the tutorial stage called in Beautiful Katamari?
In Final Fight, who is the mayor of Metro City?
In Left 4 Dead, which zombie would pounce on a survivor and pin them down?
In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Los Santos and Las Venturas are two of the cities. What's the third?
What was the faun who greeted Spyro when he reached Avalon named in Spyro 2?
In the first Crash Bandicoot game, who is the penultimate boss?
What was the main antagonist from the first Spyro game?
In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, what badge do you get for defeating Flannery?
In GTA V, what is the name of Franklin's childhood friend?
What is Crash Bandicoot's sister called?
What damaging move does Charmander start with in Pokémon Red?
In the Elder Scrolls universe, what name is given to guards employed by the Tribunal Temple?
In the Legend of Zelda series, two pieces of the Tri-Force represent Courage and Power. What does the last represent?
What colour is Waluigi's hat?
In Final Fantasy 7, what is the serpent called which lives between the Chocobo Farm and Mythril Mine?
In Final Fantasy 9, what is Zidane's home town called?
In Skyrim, which hold is Dawnstar in?
In the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, how long would it take for the moon to crash (in days)?
Which game did Wario first appear in?
How many Pokémon were in the Red and Blue games?
How many years separate Mario and Luigi's birthdays?
In Metal Gear Solid 2, who was revealed as the ninja?
In Final Fantasy 7, what game in Gold Saucer featured a moogle?
In the Portal series, who's mind was inserted into the AI that became GLaDOS?
What is the card game called in Final Fantasy 8?
In the Final Fantasy series, what accessory generally protects from all or most status abnormalities?
In World of Warcraft, what is the Tauren capital?
In Portal 2, P-Body is one of the robots you can play as. Who is the other?
In the first Ratchet and Clank game, what was Ratchet's melee weapon called?
In Oblivion, which city was first attacked during the Oblivion Crisis?
What is Wakka's brother's name in Final Fantasy 10?
In Earthbound, what city does Ness live in?
In the Elder Scrolls universe, which guild are considered legal assassins?
In Fallout 3, who is the bartender in Moriaty's Bar in Megaton?
In the Elder Scrolls universe, what is the name of the Daedric Prince of Madness?
In Final Fantasy 9, what is Steiner's first name?
What was the main characater called in GTA: Vice City?
In Fallout New Vegas, Dead Money expansion, what is the name of the casino?
Which Super Mario game introduced the Goomba's Shoe power up?
What is the protagonist's name in Broken Sword?
What is the protagonist's name in Portal?
In the Fallout universe, which perk grants you extra carrying capacity?
In Final Fantasy 7, what Enemy Skill can you learn from the Materia Keeper?
Who appears at the top of the castle in Super Mario 64?
What was Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage alternate European and Australian name?
In World of Warcraft, where do Night Elves start?
In Fallout 3, who tries to recruit you in Megaton to set off the bomb?

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