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Famed actor of 'Moogle Wannabe 2'
Fought on the airship to Lindblum
Carries a hammer
A rank D Treasure Hunter
Fights you outside the crop fields in Dali
Wears a bandana
The quizmaster of the forests
The twin jesters
The Mognet mailman
The super sleuth Pluto Knight (Number 2)
A famous bounty hunter
The sleazy knight of Pluto (Number 7)
The genome that was named
Initially seen as an oglop
The travelling moogle
The cannonball expert of the knights of Pluto (Number 9)
The red headed criminal
The Princess' tutor
Burmecia's legendary dragoon knight
The twin jesters
A part time worker at Bohden Gate
The writer amongst the Pluto Knights (Number 4)
This lady is only interested in special coins
Summons an ice sealion to fight you
The artilleryman in the Pluto Knights (Number 5)
A Burmecian dragon knight
The exercising knight of Pluto (Number 6)
Has an eyepatch
Monarch of Alexandria
Can be raced in Alexandria
The set of triplets in Tantalus
The Burmecian soldier with a family
The navigator of the knights of Pluto (Number 8)
The master synthesizer
The leader of the Qu tribe
General of the Alexandrian knights
A low ranking member of the Qu tribe
The card master
The synthesis shop owner's son
Prince of Burmecia
The man on the silver dragon
Princess of Alexandria
The original synthesis shop owner
Captain of the Knights of Pluto
Another super sleuth Pluto Knight (Number 3)
The set of triplets in Tantalus
A minister in Lindblum
The man who marries people in Conde Petie
The weapon shop owner
The child with a horn on her head
Speaks with a Southern dialect
This character has a tail
The chocobo that the black mages named
Coffee aficionado
Leader of Tantalus
The Regent's wife
The adopted grandfather of a playable character
The pilot of the Hilda Garde
The ruler of Terra
Child with a pointy hat
The set of triplets in Tantalus

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