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Can you name the FFX terms in alphabetical order?

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AThis skill allows non-piercing weapons to damage enemies
BThe main sport in Spira
CClasky, Lucil and Elma are part of this group
DA summoner guarded by Barthello
EValefor Overdrive obtained from a dog
FPraying to these gives Yuna new Aeons
GOne of the first Crusaders you meet
HWhere the Al Bhed live
ISummoner fought in Via Purifico
JSkill which reduces enemy's Luck stat
KRikku's best ice elemental Mix
LStarting MF for the Besaid Aurochs
MA knowledgable and talkative old man
NOne of Kimahri's rages
OWhere the strongest of fiends live
PBeat all the Dark Aeons to fight this guy
QUse items with a quicker recovery time at the cost of 70 MP
RSeymour's Overdrive
SHelps you across the Moonflow
TDark, Sleep and Silence Buster all in one move
UPowerful destruction magic
VBlitzball shot technique
WO'aka's brother
XEnemy found in Macalania Woods
YBiran Ronso's brother
ZYojimbo's ultimate attack

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