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AStarting area of Borderlands 1
BBoom's counterpart
CFormer mascot for the Sanders Pandora Fried Rakk. Dreamt of being a rakk-trap
DThe mustachioed evil doctor.
ERecordings that are dotted around Pandora
FDr Zed's home in Borderlands 1
GA giant Bullymong found in Hayter's Folly
HThe big baddie of Borderlands 2
IOne of Brick's tier one skills which increases melee damage
JThe town on the Zombie Island
KAn explosive sort of Claptrap
LA town that was almost named 'New New Haven'
MGaige was one of these
NA unique and legendary rocket launcher which comes with the 'Blows Up Everything!!' ability
OThe thresher that took some of Hammerlock's limbs
POften appears with Tumbaa
QA legendary grenade mod which comes with the 'E=mc^(OMG)/wtf' ability
RThe Soldier from Borderlands
SWhat you get after killing an enemy when downed
TThe man who orders Nine Toes death
UMad Moxxi had a DLC here
VInsect type creature - lots in the Caustic Caverns!
WWhere Bloodwing is kept captive.
YOne of Salvador's tier 4 skills which increases Gunzerking time when an enemy is killed
ZAssassin in Borderlands 2

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