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Can you name the ATHF facts?

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Carl's favorite song
Meatwad's age (in season 7)
What's used to smoke moonajuana?
What state do the Aqua Teens live in?
The Aqua Teen's father
Carl's last name
How many hearts does Frylock have?
Who is the monster in the Aqua Teens attic? (Juice)
Meatwad can shapeshift into a hotdog and what other shape?
Ignignokt's uncle
One of Meadwad's dolls, Duke of New York
The Wisdom Cube's cousin
Carl's favorite football team
Dr. Weird's assistant
Who is the fourth member of the Aqua Teens? (was eaten by a lion in Africa)
Only 2 people in the world with the easy-flow elbow, Romulox and _____
The monster in 'Moon Master the Game'
Who beat the Aqua Teens in super trivia? (At a bar)
Easter Bunny's twin cousin:
The name of Carl's diet plan
A sandwich forged in darkness with 666 separate meats
He was assumed to be Shake's son
The name Carl calls dog he makes with the 'Make Your Own Dog' software
The name that Carl's dog likes better
The name of the team assembled by the Moonites to get revenge on the Aqua Teens

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