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What is the name of Carl's car?
What is the name of the air guitar solo that Carl wrote?
In rock-paper-scissors, Shake loses to Meatwad's Cat 6 hurricane with his what?
The Master Shake look-alike created by the Plutonians
In the year 9595, France is renamed
Cliff is a veteran of what war?
The Mooninites can combine to form what weapon?
The legendary New Jersey dirt monster
What is the name of the file cabinet that Shake talks to when he has hypno-germs?
The dog created with Master Shake's DNA
At the end of the 'Video Oijia' episode, Frylock summons the _______ when trying to brink Shake back to life
What does Meatwad rename Carl's car when he receives it through the kidney foundation?
In 'Rabbot Redux' meatwad says the new house cuts down on their commute time to where?
Frylock has a photo of himself and who else on his bookshelf?
What is Carl's birthdate?

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