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Can you name the Countries that lack recognition from other countries?

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Name the country that is recognized by..CountryMore Info
nobody (this state claims control over part of Somalia).
no UN members, and only one non-member.
no UN members, and three non-members.
Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru, and UN non-members South Ossetia and Transnistria.
22 UN members and the Holy See
69 UN members and the Republic of China
just Turkey.
an unclear number of nations, notably many arab nations.
Name the country that is recognized by..CountryMore Info
83 UN members and the African Union, with some having retracted or suspended recognition pending an independence referendum.
Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru and UN non-members Abkhazia and Transnistria.
everybody but Pakistan.
everbody but the Republic of China and those who recognize it
everybody but Turkey (and a state only recognized by Turkey).
all but 20 UN members, including the State of Palestine
everybody but Japan and South Korea
everybody but North Korea

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