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Plot PointStoryAuthor
A down-on-his-luck musician presents himself as an unsolicited amanuensis to a nearly-blind composer
A man finds a broken hacksaw blade and sneaks it back to his barracks
A groin-wounded ex-soldier spends his free time making scale mockups of cities undergoing military siege
A man and his true love deliberately sled into a tree
A tourist wrongfully accuses a local of attempting to rape her in a cave
A baker makes harassing phone calls to parents who never picked up their child's birthday cake
A murderess is captured at Stonehenge
A mysterious and long-sought-after character appears and gives a very long radio speech
A priest saves a silver thief from the police by suggesting that the stolen property was a gift, and that he has forgotten the candlesticks
A doctor pursues a monster across the polar ice
Plot PointStoryAuthor
Two adventurers assail the Zoo of Death
A pleasant cow would very much like to be eaten
A woman throws a pet goat off of the roof of an apartment building
A young man and his eight-year-old brother are the most picturesque frisbee players ever
An aspiring sailor shares a bed with a frightening, tattooed Polynesian man
A giant spider sucks the light from two trees
A man attends a funeral to woo the widow, whose affection he had lost fifty years before
A man watches a war movie backwards, and it is beautiful
A warrior is killed while disguised as his best friend
A German spy murders a man on account of his surname

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