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Can you name the DC Characters beginning with 'TUV'?

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HintCharacter# of Issues
Harvey Dent739
Jo Nah (L)628
Mari McCabe436
Feral Legionnaire407
Batman's on/off lover368
Batman's father341
Hal Jordan's best friend322
The immortal tyrant290
Yz the djinn274
Greg Saunders273
Gotham news reporter260
Tara Markov254
Xudarian Lantern216
Smallest Metal Man214
'He wants you!'196
HintCharacter# of Issues
Vietnam vet in Skartaris194
Head Atlantean scientist178
Bandaged WW2 vet175
Winslow Schott171
Arnold Wesker167
Superman of Earth-3157
Non-Human Legionnaire129
Intellect in ape's body126
Strongest of the Fatal Five120
Marvel family cat115
Companion of Zod112
Red Tornado Inventor111
Anissa Pierce109
Aquaman's octopus108
Thinking cap wearer103

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