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Can you name the DC Characters beginning with 'S'?

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HintCharacter# of Issues
Clark Kent9467
Kara Zor-El1922
Conner Kent1152
Imra Ardeen (L)920
Spirit of Wrath774
Wonder Woman's love568
Franklin Rock568
Jonathan Crane559
Yellow Lantern554
John Henry Irons527
Salu Digby (L)526
Alec Holland519
Courtney Whitmore493
Thom Kallor (L)484
Dirk Morgna (L)481
Sandy Hawkins470
Tasmia Mallor (L)430
Wesley Dodds395
Ted Knight380
Born on a Monday356
Sylvester Pemberton290
Keeper of Book of Oa289
HintCharacter# of Issues
Elongated Man's wife281
Projectra (L)279
Stephanie Brown269
WildC.A.T.S. Andriod262
Sir Justin223
Lucas Carr190
Booster Gold's robot187
Patrick Dugan183
Richard Swift165
The super cat157
Ventriloquist's puppet151
Jim Gordon's second wife146
Jack Knight145
Hawkman villain/thief145
Virgil Hawkins143
Sinestro's daughter141
Alien Starfish 131
Superman's housekeepers121
Alan & Katrina Armstrong117
First Blue Lantern115
Darkseid's uncle107
Mikaal Tomas106

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