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Can you name the DC Characters beginning with 'A'?

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# of IssuesCharacterHint
2510Batman's faithful butler
2286Arthur Curry or King Orin
1338The first Green Lantern
1083Ray Palmer
460Zeta Beam rider from the planet Rann
422Al Pratt
401Buddy Baker
358Nickname is 'The Wall'
340Albert Rothstein
306French member of the Blackhawks
300Jean-Paul Valley
269Wife of Swamp Thing
284Lantern and Hal Jordan love interest
246Solar-Powered member of Stormwatch
221Cain's tormented brother
217Wife of Adam Strange
209Predecessor to Hal Jordan
189Greek goddess of the hunt
# of IssuesCharacterHint
172Power replicating android
169Greek god of war
168Toni Monetti
163Member of Challengers of Unknown
154Founder of Red Lantern Corp
138Master of Magic from 64th century
136Sinestro Corp and Kilowog rival
125The First Lord of Atlantis
123Greek goddess of wisdom
121The Bat-Hound
120Greek goddess of love
120Mother of Supergirl
113Responsible Crisis on Infinite Earths
110Female archer on Young Justice
109Laurel Gand (Legion)
106Hal Jordan's All-Star cousin
100Tula's successor

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