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Can you name the DC Characters beginning with 'M'?

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HintCharacter# of Issues
J'onn J'onzz2149
Superman's adopted ma955
Rex Mason661
Lar Gand (Legion)626
Mary Batson560
Michael Holt476
Scott Free463
Aquaman's wife437
Victor Fries349
5th dimensional imp323
Evan McCulloch294
Intergang Organizer 292
Batman's mom286
His death caused Crisis279
Lucas Trent (Wildstorm)265
Homosexual policewoman260
Jervis Tetch251
Katherine Spencer246
Neutral New God244
M'gann M'orzz237
Zen master of speed236
Nimue Inwudu233
HintCharacter# of Issues
One of the Metal Men230
Kirk Langstrom230
John Corben214
Useless digestion power193
Empress of Almerac167
Ruler of Warworld166
Terry Sloane153
Original universal peacekeepers146
Mind worm from Venus144
Steven Dayton143
Powerful medieval wizard142
The Brain's primate139
Head of Extranormal Ops134
Self-mutilating serial killer131
Animal Man's daughter129
Fearsome Five strongman128
Prominent Lord of Chaos 125
Earth Elemental hero/villain114
Vegetable lantern111
Arthurian sorceress 108
Luthor's bodyguard108
Captain Atom's rival105

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