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Can you name the DC Characters beginnin with 'G-H'?

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HintCharacter# of Issues
Hal Jordan2539
Oliver Queen2217
Carter Hall1946
Alan Scott1339
Kyle Rayner1108
Shiera Sanders1072
John Stewart927
Guy Gardner925
Helena Bertinelli623
Reformed GCPD Det.611
Wonder Woman's mother552
Cole Cash440
Harleen Quinzel416
Telepathic ape391
Brion Markov359
Jim Harper347
Rick Tyler337
Rex Tyler309
German Blackhawk278
Percival Chang (Gen13)278
Mick Rory260
HintCharacter# of Issues
Gabrielle Doe247
Hank Hall234
Shayera Hol214
One of the Metal Men210
Ruler of New Genesis202
Evil elderly Apokolipian187
Cynthia Reynolds178
Batman Psychoanalyst 154
Doris Zuel151
Helena Wayne147
Insectoid teleporter (Legion)144
Alpha Lantern of 2828142
Meteor powered GL villain141
Thomas Elliot138
Bette Kane137
Blood ties to Bana (Outsider)124
Greek god of strength121
Matthew Tyler117
Tommy Monaghan115
The Marvel Bunny115
Lantern of Sector114
Jose Delagado111

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