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Can you name the DC Characters beginnin with 'E-F'?

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HintCharacter# of Issues
Wally West1892
Barry Allen1724
Jay Garrick1255
Ronnie Raymond805
Ralph Dibney736
Bart Allen735
Jason Blood543
Jan Arrah (Legion)452
B.B. da Costa441
Leader of Gen13354
Wonder Woman's BFF324
Galid/Spirit of Wrath240
Rita Farr219
Angela Spica215
HintCharacter# of Issues
Head Prof at STAR Labs205
Jason Woodrue174
5000 year old sorcerer172
June Moon165
Animal Man's wife165
Andrew Nolan (Legion)148
Lorraine Reilly147
Toshiro Misawa147
Bette Kane137
Sunglasses Superman136
Hippolyta Trevor-Hall135
Green Legion villain111
Garfield Lynns111
Yrra Cynril (SS Corps)106

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