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HintCountry/TerritorySeason # Episode #
Starting point and home countrySeason 1 Episode 1 & S1 E13
Location of PetraS1 E2
Himalayas and DiwaliS1 E3 & E4
The territory includes the 'remotest populated archipelago' on earthS1 E5
Its people have the longest life expectancy in the world according to the UN and WHOS1 E6 & E7
Self-governing parliamentary democracy in free association with New ZealandS1 E8
Two IslandsS1 E9 & E10
Hangover Part 2 LocationS1 E11
Location of the Killing FieldsS1 E12
Shares a very small water border with SpainS2 E1
Its flag has one colorS2 E2
Former President was Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaS2 E3 & E4
Largest island in the Caribbean S2 E5
Located between Russia and ChinaS2 E6 & E7
A volcano in 2010 and the resultant cloud of volcanic ash brought major disruption to air travel across EuropeS2 E8
HintCountry/TerritorySeason # Episode #
Capital and largest city is LusakaS2 E9
A DreamWorks movie starring Ben Stiller and Chris Rock was named after this countryS2 E10
Territory includes Easter IslandS2 E11 & E12
Not a sovereign nation, but its territory is claimed by severalS2 E13
Host of the next Winter Olympics (2014)S3 E1 & E2
The Pearl of the Indian OceanS3 E3
Easternmost country on the Indochina PeninsulaS3 E4
Gained independence from Australia in 1975S3 E5 & E6
Territory includes the Galápagos IslandsS3 E7
When Africa was divided up at the Berlin Conference, this country was one of two that retained its independenceS3 E8 & E9
Former Belgian colony, site of one of the worst genocides since the Second World WarS3 E10
Autonomous country that is part of the Kingdom of DenmarkS3 E11
Overly secretive and sometimes referred to as 'The World's Most Isolated Nation'S3 E12 & E13
Home to the world's largest Muslim populationS3 E14 & E15
Hosted the Summer Olympics in 1956 and 2000S3 E16

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