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What is the name of Paul Eddington's character ?
Which government department does he become minister of at the start of the first series ?
Who played his permanant secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby ?
What is the christian name of his private secretary played by Derek Fowlds ?
In one episode the ministers daughter threatens a nude protest to protect which sort of animal in Hayward's Spinney ?
What was the name of the empty hospital that was staffed with hundreds of administrators ?
What was the name of the union firebrand who threatened to strike when the minister tried to get the hospital open ?
The minister was blackmailed by an African leader into giving his country a loan, which fictional country was it ?
On a map shown in the episode Buranda was shown as being which real country ?
In Party games, which of the front runners (Eric or Duncan) was forced to withdraw due to liaisons with a communist spy ?
Why was the other candidate forced to withdraw ?
Whose retirement allowed Sir Humphrey to move up to the role of cabinet secretary ?
Which organisation did the former cabinet secretary join ?
What was the name of Jim's political advisor now he was PM ?
What did Humphrey insist on calling her ?
In the episode the key, who had their key to number 10 taken away and ended up setting off a police alert trying to get in ?
What is the name of the bumbling buffoon that Humphrey wants to appoint as governor of the Bank of England ?
In the bishops gambit, which town is the vacant bishopric in ?
What proposed gift from the French president to the Queen causes government paralysis ?
Who is interviewing Sir Humphrey when he makes indiscrete remarks thinking he is off air ?

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