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Hint............Answer-->Put first & last name when possibleExtra Info
Mary Tyler Moore played...
Valerie Harper played...
Ed Asner played...
Gavin MacLeod played...
Ted Knight played...
Cloris Leachman played...
Name the murderer on 'Chuckles Bites the Dust' (one word will do.)
How many seasons did MTM last?
Ed Asner went on to his own show called...
Valerie Harper went on to her show called...
Hint............Answer-->Put first & last name when possibleExtra Info
Ted Knight went on to his own show called...
Gavin MacLeod later starred as the captain of the...
Mary Tyler Moore earlier starred as Laura Petrie on the...
Name the fictional agent that changed Ted Baxter's contract so he could do commercials.
The theme song of the show is...
Who steals Lars in 'The Lars Affair'?
What famous anchorman meets Ted Baxter in season four of the series
What famous person shows up at Mary's last party of the series?
Who falls in love with Chuckles the Clown's daughter?
On 'The Last Show' who turns off the lights to the newsroom?

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