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Can you name the Game shows by their opening spiel?

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SpielGame ShowHost
'It's the crossword game you've played all your life, but never quite like this!'Chuck Woolery
'Today, these three players are after Big Bucks! But, they'll have to avoid the Whammy as they play the most exciting game of their lives!'Peter Tomarken
'It's men versus women in a battle of the sexes!'Sarah Purcell & Bill Anderson
'This is the battlefield for our game of speed and strategy! These are the letters which lead to victory!'Bill Cullen
'It's curtain call for the...'Bobby Van
'And now, a game of high stakes, where every decision is a gamble, and every move could be your last!'Alex Trebek (1974-1980) Wink Martindale (1987-1988)
'Can you identify this baby picture of a famous person? Two contestants will try, for $10,000 in cash on...'Ron Ely
'Get ready to match the stars!'Gene Rayburn
'Aces are high, deuces are low! Play your cards right, and win the dough!'Jim Perry
'This is the game of strategy, daring, and luck!'Jim Lange
SpielGame ShowHost
'Here comes the fascinating world of trivia, where even a right answer can catch you in a trap!'Bob Eubanks
'Ladies and gentlemen, this bonded security agent has just placed a certified check for $25,000 in one of these 30 surprise packages.'Geoff Edwards
'Four strangers, one goal: to win a head-to-head competition for the chance at $100,000. However, one wrong answer could be their last.'Mark L. Walberg
'Ladies and gentlemen, these four players are about to make instant decisions under pressure. Only the last survivor will win the game and all the money on...'Bill Cullen
'Every every right here...before your eyes...and...'Jack Narz
'From Hollywood, here's the game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen!'Jack Barry
'From Hollywood, it's everybody's game of strategy, knowledge, and fun!'Wink Martindale
'One half-hour from now, you'll know enough about ...[SUBJECT]...and...[SUBJECT] win $10,000 in cash, if you were a contestant on...'Peter Tomarken
'Close calls!...Narrow escapes!...Split-second decisions!...and $25,000 in cash! A combination guaranteed to make you say...'Tom Kennedy
'Everyone in this arena has a money stake in one of our famous couples, as we play the game of celebrity gossip: ...'Bert Convy

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