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Can you find out who escaped with 'the artifact'?

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~ An important artifact from the Indiana Jones anthology was stolen! Your quest is to find out who escaped with the item (puzzle #1, aka this one), what the item was (puzzle #2), and where the person fled to with the item (puzzle #3). This info--plus some secret codes you may find along the way--will be used to lock the artifact away safely in a museum vault. ~ In this puzzle, "the artifact" has exchanged hands between 10 people. You must find them in correct order and label them 1-9. When you find #10, type "ESCAPE" in that cell, as that will be the person who flees with the item. *You will need that name for the final puzzle.* ~ There are also a few people that were KILLED. These must be marked with a "D." ~ People that are alive but did not handle the artifact at all must be marked with an "X." ~ See game note for more info, and check my other quizzes to find the rest of the puzzles in this adventure series. Good luck!
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Indiana Jones


Col. Ernst Vogel

Harold 'Ox' Oxley

Wilhelmina 'Willie' Scott


Major Arnold Toht

Marion Ravenwood

George 'Mac' McHale

Short Round

Walter Donovan


Dr. Elsa Schneider

Panama Hat

Henry Jones, Sr.

Shaman Marhan

Col. Dr. Irina Spalko



Lao Che

Grail Knight

René Belloq

Col. Herman Dietrich


Mola Ram

Adolf Hitler

Dr. Marcus Brody

Col. Antonin Dovchenko

Henry 'Mutt' Williams

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