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~ An important artifact from the Indiana Jones anthology was stolen! Your quest is to find out who escaped with the item (puzzle #1), what the item was (puzzle #2), and where the person fled to with the item (puzzle #3, aka this one). This info--plus some secret codes you may find along the way--will be used to lock the artifact away safely in a museum vault. ~ In this puzzle, you must identify where "the artifact" was taken. Answering each question will give you a code to input at the end, which will reveal where the item actually is. *You will need that location for the final puzzle.* ~ See game note for more info, and check my other quizzes to find the rest of the puzzles in this adventure series. Good luck!
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The Chauchilla Cemetery in KotCS is in this country. In real life, the cemetery--dating back to 200CE--is accessible to tourists for a small fee.
Indiana Jones is a professor at the fictional Marshall College in this US state. The filming took place at Yale, which is in the same state.
While the real Well of Souls is in Jerusalem, in RotLA, the cavern is located in this abandoned Nile delta city, where the Decree of Canopus was discovered.
Patan village is home to the Raven Saloon, owned by the Ravenwoods. In real life, Patan is a major city with over 200,000 residents in this country.
Lao Che's 'Club Obi Wan' (where have I heard that name?) is in this major Asian city, which in real life contains the world's tallest statue of Chopin.
The city of Pankot is fictional. In ToD, Pankot Palace is located in this country, which in fact has the world's 2nd largest English-speaking population.
The catacombs in TLC are hidden under a library in this city. The building is actually a reconstructed 9th century church in San Barnaba square.
Schloss B├╝rresheim in Germany was used for the filming of Castle Brunwald, where Henry Jones was held captive in this country.
Although filmed in Petra, Jordan, the Grail Temple's location is based on this former republic, now a Turkish province.
Akator Temple is named after Akakor, a hoax city devised in real life by a German journalist. It is in this country.
The climax of RotLA occurs at Geheimhaven base, close to Greece's largest island, legendary birthplace of the god Zeus. Both islands are in this sea.
Books that opposed Nazi ideology were burned in large numbers. A scene in TLC depicts this in this famous German city, which had the first traffic light in Europe.
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