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Character is permentantly lost
Chameleon Robe prevents
Seal Evil targets
Take 2x damage from physical attacks
Also the name of a skill set
Inflicted by Knight support ability
Bard/Dancer skills use this
Carve Model inflicts
Inflicted by a Mediator support skill
Notorious for not working in other FF games
Loss inflicts
Blizzard (elemental) inflicts
Elmdor uses
Dummied out, very ugly appearing
Character is permenantly lost
Works, but AI won't use properly
Also the name of a movement ability
Angel Ring grants initial
Only inflictable via reaction
Magic Ring prevents, Talk Skill can inflict
Would be removed on hit if it could be inflicted directly
Water Ball inflicts
Central to many reaction ability mechanics
Wizard has this as a spell
Chaos Blade grants innate
Save the Queen grants innate
Ragnarok grants innate
Excalibur grants innate
Death Cold inflicts
Shadow Stitch inflicts
Crashes game and has lots of hardcoding
A rare rod has this innate
The only moves that inflict the opposite status are nullified by this, therefore the only way to cure is via time or death
Thieves are notorius for this one
Zorlin Shape inflicts as a status proc
Slows you down by 20 CT per turn
Altima II is not immune
Innate on both a late accessory and armor
Split Punch inflicts

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