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Are you a true Runescape fan?

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What is Zezima's real first name?
What does E.P stand for? (PVP Worlds and BH Worlds)
What was the first grandmaster quest?
Andrew Gower's brother? (First name only)
Andrew Gower's other brother? (First name only)
How many waves are there in the Fight Caves?
This Runescaper is infamous for pretending to be a female for his own gains
This Runescaper is mostly known for his Max Hits videos
This famous Runescaper passed away due to a muscle condition
This fake skill was speculated for a long time
This Runescaper is known for causing the Falador Massacre
This ranged weapon has a chance of breaking after each shot
The Hitpoints skill was changed to?
Which prayer is mostly used for riots?
What is the name of the Runescape universe?
This controversial weapon is obtained after 'The Void Stares Back'
What is the max number of people that can be hurt by Ice Barrage?
This bolt can penetrate through armor
The frozen door in the God Wars Dungeon was highly speculated to belong to which god?
This slayer monster had its same model since Runescape 2 for the longest time

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