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This comedic duo went back in time to bring back historical figures to ace their history project
This anime characater is usually seen with Pikachu
This German philosopher is known for his bushy mustache
This poet has the same name as this cartoon father
This free game on Steam rivals with League of Legends
Medical term for the jelly-like strings that move around in your eye
This philosopher wrote Tao Te Ching
This magician owns a chain of 11 islands
This country is home of Angkor Wat
This business man has recently made remarks about Mexican immigrants
What is Muhammad Ali's real name?
Which Soviet statesmen is known for his birthmark?
Who is tied with Abraham Lincoln for the tallest president?
This acronym refers to the tingling sensation when hearing a specific sound
Who was the tallest man?
This Swedish indie game was created by Markus Persson (Notch)
This kids show host has debated with Ken Ham
Robert Kennedy was also known as?
Which country's flag is similar to the Czech Republic?
This Mexican bag of chips is often compared to Hot Cheetos

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