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Can you identify whether these are the names of real items from the Legend of Zelda series (R) or whether they've just been made up (F)?

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ItemAnswerGame of Origin
Roc's Feather
Gust Jar
Mole Mitts
Iron Gauntlets
Thunder Helm
Tornado Rod
RC Bomb
Dragon's Wing
Monster Trap
Mega Gloves
First Blade
Fire Bomb
Goddess Bow
Oran Berry
Great Fairy's Blessing
Magic Beans
Moon's Tear
Heavenly Sword
Silver Boots
Thunder Gem
Hyoi Pear
Seed Shooter
Lightning Arrow
Great Fairy's Sword
Titan's Mask
Titan's Mitt
Rod of Ages
Ice Bomb
Blue Bracelet
Gerudo Tunic
ItemAnswerGame of Origin
Lanayru's Chill
Nayru's Protection
Hero Charm
Medusa's Gaze
Hyper Slingshot
Swiftblade Sword
Levin Sword
Power Bomb
Deku Bulb
Spin Drill
Shiekah Slate
Laser Pointer
Lehran's Medallion
Nightmare Key
Spear of Light
Earth Rod
Magic Armor
Water Dragon's Scale
Fire Flower
Gnat Hat
Golden Sword
Water Bomb
Dominion Rod
Force Gem
Silver Arrow
Moon Medallion
Fireshield Earrings
Wind Arrow
Boko Stick
Guardian Acorn
ItemAnswerGame of Origin
Sand Wand
Harp of Ages
Fire Gloves
Ice Boots
Pictograph Box
Wind Blade
Zora Pearl
Phantom Stone
Ocarina of Light
Coral Earring
Harp of Seasons
Sand of Hours
Phantom Sword
Heart Fruit
Giant's Dagger
Bombchu Bag
Hint Glasses
Iron Boots
Razor Seed
Water of Life
Magnetic Glove
Sky Wing
Cane of Koholint
Golden Ring
Training Sword
Bait Bag
Remote Bomb
Red Candle

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