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Can you name all the NFL teams based on a realistic description of their names?

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An animal herder commonly associated with ranches and the 'wild west'
A mammal in the cat family that is native to southeast asia
Someone who is proud of and celebrates their country
A mammal in the cat family that's commonly mistaken for a jaguar or a leopard
Defintion was not found/can't be agreed upon, team plays in Green Bay
Alternate name for an osprey, which is a large bird found in the US and Canada
A predator in the cat family, known as king of the jungle even though they aren't only found in jungles
A person with an exceptional connection to god
Historically, a group of people of Nordic ancestry that are thought to have reached north america before Columbus.
The name for the cord and adapter that gives electrical power to a rechargable device
Aircraft that have turbojet or turbofan engines
Term given to people that moved to California in search of gold in 1849
A North American bird, one species of which is a symbol of the United States
Alternate name for a male sheep, also a car manufacturer brand under Chrysler
A smaller, black bird native to the northern hemisphere
Named after an iconic performer that used to inhabit the western United States
Pirates, specifically ones that sailed the Caribbean area
An alternate name for a blacksmith or someone that works with metal
A broad name that usually refers to the head or leader of something
Another name for a horse
A predatory animal in the cat family
A term for native americans and native canadians that is now considered offensive
A somewhat broad term that refers to people that loot or ransack villages/towns
Named after a colour that is a mix between orange and blue or red and green
Another name for a male horse, also the name of a handgun
A predatory bird found on all continents execpt for Antarctica
A red bird native to North America
The denonym for citizens of Texas
An aquatic animal that is known for being intelligent, similar in some ways to a whale
A very large person commonly portrayed in books and movies
In Greek mythology, a race of the gods which include Cronus, Oceanus and Rhea
A large omnivore with many different species such as polar and grizzly

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