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Can you name the important people of Nazi Germany?

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Head of PartyFuhrer of Germany
Commander of the LuftwaffeHitler's second-in-command
Reichsfuhrer SSLargely responsible for the Holocaust
Deputy FuhrerFlew to Britain in 1941
Head of the Party ChancelleryOften considered one of the most powerful men in Germany at the end of the war
Minister of AgricultureIdeology of Blood and Soil
Leader of the Hitler Jugend (to 1940)Sentenced to 20 years imprisonment at Nuremberg Trials
Leader of the Hitler Jugend (after 1940)One of the final occupants of the Fuhrerbunker
Chief of the RSHAAssassinated in Prague in 1942
Head of the GestapoWas never found after the war
Minister of Armnaments and War ProductionThe architect of the Third Reich
Leader of the SAKilled during the Night of the Long Knives
Hitler's personal pilotAwarded an Iron Cross in WWI
Hitler's Mistress/WifeKilled herself with Hitler in April 1945
Minister of Foreign AffairsNegotiated Nazi-Soviet Pact
Commander of the KriegsmarineAppointed President after Hitler's death
Minister of Propaganda and Public EnlightenmentKilled himself and his family in May 1945
Governor-General of Occupied PolandExecuted at Nuremberg Trials
Hitler's official photographerHitler met Eva Braun while she was working for this man
Minister for the Occupied Eastern TerritoriesThe Party's main racial ideolgue
Head of the German Labour FrontStrength Through Joy

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