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Supreme Beings that are part of a pantheon or a religion
Undead demonic creature that drinks blood
Reanimated corpse hungry for flesh
A creature that turns into a wolf during full moons
Beings like come from Hell or other worlds of evil and torment
Celestial beings that live in the Heavens
The essence of a deceased individual
People that pratice magic and sorcery
A monster that takes the form of a beautiful women who seduces men to kill them
A creature that lures children to suck their blood
Supernatural creatures that live in bodies of water and like to eat children
A filthy monster that has the birds body and a womens head
A cannibalistic monster that feeds on human flesh
Beings that kidnap children and replace them
A monsterous creature that's part spider and part women
Monsters that live in caves or forests that terrorize townsfolk
A supernatural being that possesses magical powers and are pranksters
Monsters that are a cousin of the djinn, they can be controlled with whoever has their heart
A vampiric-witch creature that sucks the life essence from humans, mainly children
Supernatural creatures that are cousins of werewolves
A monster that is a cousin of the vampire
A little creature that takes the form of a small man
A mythical horse with a horn on its head
Bird-like monsters that like to eat human flesh, especially the liver
A giant serpent that if you cut off one head, two more grow back
Giant flying serpent that breaths fire, and has a appetite for virgins
A giant supernatural bird that lives for 600 years then sets itself on fire to be reborn
Evil supernatural beings that feed off human souls
Spirit creatures that wail or scream when somebody is about to die
Evil monsters that eat human flesh and drink their blood, another cousin of the vampire
A supernatural human who can shapeshift into any animal
A creature that will appear as a person that is going to die
Creatures that have the head of a women and a lions body
Evil creatures that have been cursed to eat human flesh
A fabled monster usually having the head and wings of a eagle, and a body of a lion
Evil horse-like monsters that live in lakes, and consume unsuspecting humans
Spirits that grant wishes, and influences humans for good or evil
Evil monsters that pretend to be lost children to lure unsuspecting victims
A creature that resembles a fox that can shapeshift
A monster that is made out of smoke
Evil creatures that feed on human flesh, especially on that of corpses
Spirit-like monsters that lurk in breweries and other alcohol-filled places
A sea monster that wrecks havic on ships
Disgusting monsters that sleep on a bed of dead insects, and feast on human flesh
A monster thats half man, and half bull
A person who is half human, and half god
Parasitic monsters that feed on human bodily fluids
Supernatural beings that take the form of a dog, they usually watch over the gateways to different underworlds
Grotesque sprite that is malevolent towards people
A evil spirit that usually works for witches or deities
The being that takes souls to different realms after they die

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