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GreekGod of the sky and thunder
RomanGoddess of the hearth and fire
HinduGod of the universe
EgyptianGod of the dead and the underworld
NorseGod of lightning and storms
CanaaniteGod of fire and sacrafice
BabylonianGoddess of the sea
AbrahamicGod of everything
GreekGoddess of the hunt
RomanGod of war
HinduGoddess of destruction
EgyptianGoddess of magic and fertility
NorseGod of healing, death, and royalty
CanaaniteGod of the morning star
BabylonianGoddess of prophecy, fertility, and fish
GreekGod of light and music
RomanGod of the sky and thunder
HinduGod of prophecy
EgyptianGod of the sun
NorseGod of innocent and beauty
CanaaniteGoddess of marriage and pregnancy
BabylonianGod of wisdom and writing
GreekGoddess of women and marriage
RomanGod of messagers and thieves
HinduGoddess of kindness and humanity
EgyptianGod of the sky and solar
NorseGoddess of the earth
CanaaniteGod of fertility and energy
BabylonianGod of the moon
Greek God of the seas
RomanGod of craftsmanship
HinduGod of truth and virtue
EgyptianGod of the Nile
NorseGoddess of love and fertility
CanaaniteGoddess of war and strife
BabylonianGoddess of the astral plain
GreekGod of the underworld
RomanGoddess of love and beauty
HinduGod of compassion and love
EgyptianGod of deserts and storms
NorseGod of sea and wind
CanaaniteGod of dance
BabylonianGod of rain
GreekGoddess of harmony
RomanGoddess of women and childbirth
HinduGod of preservation
EgyptianGod of embalming and protector of the dead
NorseGoddess of age
CanaaniteGod of the sky
BabylonianGod of plagues, war, and the sun
GreekGod of wine and ivy
RomanGoddess of agriculture and grain crops
HinduGod of success and knowledge
EgyptianGoddess of the sky, the sun, sexuality and motherhood
NorseGoddess of love
CanaaniteGod of the seasons
BabylonianGod of food
GreekGod of war
RomanGod of the sea and earthquakes
HinduGod of rain and thunder
EgyptianGod of the earth
NorseGod of tricks
CanaaniteGod of agriculture and earth
BabylonianGoddess of air
GreekGoddess of wisdom and fertility
RomanGoddess of poetry and medicine
HinduGod of erotic desire
EgyptianGod of wisdom and learning
NorseGod of winter
CanaaniteGod of the Semites
BabylonianGod of the heavenly dimension and the sky
GreekGod of messengers and thieves
RomanGoddess of wisdom and warriors
HinduGod of yoga and peace
EgyptianGod of storms and darkness
NorseGoddess of healing
CanaaniteGod of death and sterility
BabylonianGoddess of love and war
GreekGod of the sky (older god)
RomanGoddess of the hunt and hunters
HinduGod of space
EgyptianGoddess of protection
NorseGoddess of marriage and motherhood
CanaaniteGod of healing
BabylonianGod of plague, war and the sun

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