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Forced Order
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What part did Michael Learned play?
What was Sheriff Bridge's first name?
What was Mr. Tucker's first name?
Beulah Bondi played what hillbilly character?
What did everyone call John Walton's oldest son?
What was the name of episode one season one?
Name 'Dust Bowl Cousins' father character?
First names of Baldwin sisters?
What character did John Ritter play?
Who did Ben marry?
Name of Baldwin 'moonshine'?
Name of insensitive substitute teacher?
How much money does Grandma Walton inherit?
What did a Ouija board 'save' Luke from?
What was 'Chance'?
Who does Ike Godsey marry?
What does Grandpa win from Godsey's store?
What was the character 'Lyle Thompson' also known as?
What did the Baldwin's father do for a living?
Which one of the children had a twin that died at birth?
Walton family's favorite radio program?
Who did Uncle Cody marry?
Name of Cousin Rose's two grandchildren?
What was the name of the little con-girl?
Name of house Grandma tried to 'save'?
What book did John Boy save from Reverend's fire?
Who do the Godsey's adopt?
Name of actress stranded on Walton's Mountain?
What was 'Blue'?
In what state is Walton's Mountain?
Name of episode Grandpa had mild heart attack?
What did Mary Ellen pretend NOT to find in an evening bag?
What part did Kami Kotler play?
Name of John Boy's university?
Grandparent's first names?
Who owned the 'boarding house'?
School teacher's name?
Who did John Boy teach to read?
What was Grandpa's winning number for statue?
Name of local bar/tavern?

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