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Forced Order
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Name the company Archie worked for?
Name of Archie's brother?
What did a prune company keep sending Edith?
Name of Bunker's favorite Chinese food restaurant?
What did cousin Maude serve Archie for breakfast?
Name of Barney Hefner's wife?
Name of Barney's dog?
Who played the part of Judith Klammerstadt?
Who was cousin Liz's partner?
Name of Edith's high school 'crush'?
What did Mike's uncle do for a living?
What was Mike's father's name?!
What did Mike put on a pretzel that upset Archie?
Archie's mother and father's first names?
Who gave Archie a photo of Charles Lindbergh?
What was the name of Edith's high school?
What was the last presidential election Archie voted in?
Name of cousin who died upstairs?
Name of 'Old Folks Home' Edith volunteered?
Life expectancy quiz! How old did Mike figure Archie would live to be?
Who accused Archie of using a counterfeit $20 bill?
Who played the part of Archie's old friend 'Joe Tucker'?
Where did Archie and Edith go on their 25th anniversary?
What did Gloria buy that Mike fell in love with?
What was 'Glow Worm'?
What was the name of the 'hot watch'?
What hit Father Majeski's car?
Mildred 'BLANK-BLANK' Turner?
Who sang, 'We're having a heat wave!'?
What was Stephanie's Father's name?
First name of Latin student nurse?
What invention did Archie try to convince Edith to invest in?
What did Mr. Lichtenrausch try to buy from Archie?
First name of Mike and Gloria's best friends?
Bunker Home address?
Why was Gloria Fired from Kressler's Department Store?
What part did Betty Garrett play?
BET! Archie to stop smoking if Mike stops....?
Name of no-longer-living CAT?
Archie's nickname for Edith?

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