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Can you name the micro-organism associated with the given description?

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Rice water stool
Diarrhea; Food Poisoning; Black on HE Agar
Wound pathogen; normal human mouth flora; smells like bleach
Causes swimmers' ear; problematic for patients with Cystic Fibrosis
Gram positive cocci in clusters; oxacillin-resistant, 'superbug'; major pathogen
In men, intracellular gram-negative diplococci, shaped like kidney beans on a genital smear are diagnostic of...
Diarrhea; Can sometimes lead to Guillen-Barre Syndrome; 'Seagull' shape on gram stain; Loves growing at 42 degrees Celsius
Scientific name for Chicken Pox
Because of this parasite, it is not recommended for pregnant women to handle dirty cat litter
The black plague
UTI: Gram negative rod, oxidase negative, indole positive, PYR negative
Genus of bacteria named for Louis Pasteur; isolated from animal bite wounds
Reverse CAMP test positive, aerobic gram positive rod.
Often found in Honey and dented cans; botulism
Malaria parasite, numerous ring forms seen in RBCs
Whipworm, ovum looks like football with two plugs on either end
Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea; major concern in healthcare settings
Pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, sinus infections; Bile solube, Optochin Sensitive gram positive coccus
BCYE Agar, Silver Stain; Necrotic mass on lung; Pneumonia often associated with elderly
A positive RPR might indicate a sexually transmitted infection caused by this organism...
Scarlet fever, rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis
Pneumonia, UTIs; Very mucoid gram negative rod, indole and oxidase negative
Plaque, cavities
Related to Stomach ulcers
Gram negative, involved in 90% of anaerobic peritoneal infections
Requires just X factor for growth, school of fish gram stain
Lyme disease
Brain eating amoeba; found in fresh water in southern USA
AKA the pork tapeworm
Swarming on BAP, oxidase negative GNR, indole positive
The 'H' in HACEK, causing subacute bacterial endocarditis
Growth on Regan Lowe Agar with a narrow zone of Beta hemolysis is most likely:
Rifampin is mostly used to treat infections caused by...
AIDs-defining illness; yeast; rapidly urea positive
Lumpy jaw; molar tooth formation on agar
Rocky Mountain spotted fever; vectored by dog tick
Viral hemorrhagic fever; major outbreak in western Africa in 2014-2015
Terminal chlamydoconidia on TOC, germ tube positive, 'feet' on BAP
Tick-borne red blood cell parasite most common in Northeast USA; patient may also be coinfected with Lyme Disease; Commonly misdiagnosed as Malaria

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