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LocationCountryArea (km2)
Central Asia143,100
Eastern Europe207,600
Central Africa1,240,192
Caucasia 29,743
South America406,752
Southern Africa752,612
Eastern Asia1,566,500
Southern Asia38,394
Central Europe41,284
Southern Africa30,355
Western Europe468
South-eastern Asia236,800
Central Asia2,724,900
Central Africa27,834
Southern America1,098,581
Central Africa1,284,000
Southern Africa582,000
Central Asia199,951
Southern Asia147,181
Central Africa1,267,000
Southern Africa17,364
Western Europe2,586
LocationCountryArea (km2)
Central Europe49,035
Southern Europe61
Central Africa274,222
Eastern Europe10,908
Central Africa619,745
Central Europe83,871
Central Europe78,867
Southern Europe0.44
Central Asia447,400
Southern Asia647,500
South-eastern Europe25,713
Southern Africa390,757
Central Africa241,038
Central Africa 26,338
Eastern Europe33,846
Southern Africa118,484
Central Europe160
South-eastern Europe88,361
Central Africa1,104,800
Central Europe93,208
Central Asia488,100
Central Africa622,984

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