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Can you name the Star Wars Character that said that line?

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Forced Order
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'When 900 years old you reach... Look as good,you will not'
'You have great fear in you,Skywalker.You have hate... You have anger... But you don't use them'
'Great Kid,Don't get cocky''
'No,I am your father''
'It's a trap''
'Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper'
'These aren't the droids you're looking for'
'Fear is the path to the dark side''
'Now young Skywalker,you will die''
'Good Anakin.Good.Kill him.Kill him Now''
'Laugh it up,Fuzz ball'
'There is good in him,I've felt it''
'Luke,I don't want to lose you to the emperor the way I lost Vader
'Great shot kid,that was one in a million'
'You already have,Luke'
'I'm not looking for a friend,I'm looking for a Jedi Master'
'I hate it when he does that'

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