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What is the unlikely name Jerwayne gives for a white man?Pilot
What mode of transport does Janine use to get to work?Pilot
What is the nickmame given to Christopher which sticks with him for the rest of the series?Pilot
Which foot does Lance tell Christopher to kick the door with?1
What long running sci-fi television series is the title for Episode 1?1
Which -atrics does Christopher fool a rival female saleswomen with?1
What animal tattoo does Jerwayne obsess about?2
What is the name of the person that Lance exchanges answers with?2
What shop do Jerwayne and Ashley think Christopher's date works in?2
What car does Razz Prince drive?3
What can you get at Jerwayne's and Ashley's friend's bar for a fiver?3
How does Lance prove he is not boring?3
What animal does Christopher have to dress up as?4
What does Lance get a woman into do?4
How do the police stop Christopher in his mad rampage as the mascot?4
What position does Christopher come in Salesman of the Month?5
Who wins Salesman of the Month?5
What does Janine really think her boyfriends job is when it really is not?5
Who takes charge of the shop whilst Lance is away?6
What does a woman customer think Christopher and Janine are when they come round their house?6
What problem do Lance and Jerwayne both have?6

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