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Can you name the people, places, and things in Ocarina of Time?

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Forced Order
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Description. (First letter)Answer
Caretaker of cuccos; however, she's allergic to them! (A)
Tired of the Master Sword? Why not upgrade? (B)
Ichiro, Jiro, Sabooro and Shiro. (C)
Unleash a wave of flame on poor enemies. (D)
Up left right, up left right. (E)
Allows Link to respawn (4 words). (F)
The queen you battle inside the Great Deku Tree. (G)
Darling's loving partner. (H)
Sheikah; Shadow Sage. (I)
Poe sisters: Amy, Beth, Meg, and...? (J)
'Do you want to hear what I said again?' (K)
The place where everyone dances at the end of the game. (L)
Ichiro, Jiro, Sabooro, and Shiro's boss. (M)
Description. (First letter)Answer
The song of the Shadow Temple. (N)
These jerks shoot rocks at you from the lake. (O)
Don't try to cross the desert without him! (P)
Originally only holds 30 arrows. (Q)
Mamamu Yan's famous pet dog. (R)
This will open a locked door - but only in the area you found it in. (S)
Link's attire: comes in green, red, or blue! (T)
Press this when you hear 'HEY! LISTEN!' (U)
'Subterranean Lava Dragon' (V)
Need a hand getting back to the entrance? (W)
He's not the first king. He's King Zora _ _ _. (X)
Our beloved hero's hair colour. (Y)
You get the silver scale here. (Z)

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