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Squamates with keratinized hind tongue and use jaws for eating
Sirenoidea, Cryptobranchoidea, Salamandroidea
African tree Ranoids with gular pad on males
Warty Hyloids with no teeth
Poison dart Hyloids with triangle toepads
Smooth and shiny Scleroglossans
Big viviparous aquatic snakes
Ventrally transparent Hyloids with humeral spine on males
'Archaeobatrachians+Mesbatrachians', Ranoidea, and Hyloidea
Gymnophiona, Caudata, and Anura; sister to Amniota
Salamandroids with rough skin (newts)
Salamanders with internal fertilization
Paraphyletic common snakes
Salamandroids with reduced limbs, eel-like
caecilians, limbless bodies and annuli
Salamanders with loose skin, no eyelids, and flat heads
Snakey Scleroglossans with lateral fold and osteoderms
Salamanders with external gills and no hindlimbs
Lepidosaurs, Testudines, and Archosaurs, with betakeratine in skin, temp-dependent sex, and uric acid
Salamandroids with nasolabial grooves
Spiky desert carnivorous Iguanians with pleurodont teeth
Narrow mouth fossorial Ranoids
Lepidosaurs with two rows of teeth on upper jaw
Beady venemous Anguimorphs
tailed A+M frogs
Large group containing Lepidosaurs
Venemous fixed-fang snakes
Snakes with long hollow fangs and a rotating maxilla
Classic Ranoids with large tympanum
A+M frogs with fused disc shaped tongue and aposematic colors like firebelly toad
Neobatrachian with no synapomorphies other than molecular
Old world Iguanians with acrodont teeth and zygodactyly
Sphenodontidae and Squamata, with ecdysis, tail autotomy, and transverse cloaca
Old world Iguanians with acrodont teeth
A+M frogs with keratinous tubercle on hind leg for digging
Lepidosaurs with hemipenes and streptostyly, Iguania, Scleroglossa, Serpentes
Salamandroids with costal grooves
Salamandroids with small eyes and external gills (like mudpuppies)
Herbivorous Iguanians with pleurodont teeth
Anguimorphs with forked tongues and 9 cervical vertebrae
Long oviparous snakes with pits and vestigial pelvis
A+M frogs with no tongue, lateral line, keratin claws, like Xenopus
Tree Hyloids with large toepads
Neobatrachians with axillary amplexus and firmisternal pectoral girdle
Scleroglossans with lidless eyes and adhesive feet
Squamates with fleshy tongue

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