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How well do you know Bill Watterson's classic, 'Calvin and Hobbes'?

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What does Calvin transmogrify into by mistake when his balloon pops?
What was the name of the cat who was the inspiration for Hobbes?
When did Calvin and Hobbes first appear in newspapers?
What are the names of the aliens who help Calvin with his leaf collection
Complete the line: 'It's my dessert that's gross! Look, a thermos full of _______!' -Calvin
How many 'Calvin and Hobbes' collections (not treasuries) are there?
Complete the line: 'Maybe I can get a few slow-motion replays of the time I smacked Susie upside the head with a __________!' -Calvin
A model of what kind of dinosaur is outside the natural history museum that Calvin's family visits?
What is the name of the sequel to 'Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie?'
What does Calvin tell Susie he has in the big bag, which will help on the history test?
What is the name of the substitute teacher who Calvin claims killed a kid?
What is the name of the Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs mascot?
What is the only part of baseball Calvin and Hobbes really like?
What is the name of Susie's doll that Calvin holds for ransom?
What is the title of Calvin's school play?
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Complete the line- Mom: 'This says 'volume one.'' Calvin: ''_______ ______ _______ _______ ________'
What is the title of the poem in which Hobbes scares a monster away
Complete the line: 'Help me gather up the ______, you sissy.' -Calvin
How many times does Calvin time travel
What does the 'U' stand for in the Stupendous Man acronym
In what state does Calvin claim he lives?
What does Calvin give Susie for her birthday?
What color is Spaceman Spiff's outfit
What is Rosalyn's boyfriend's name?
Excluding 'The Complete Calvin and Hobbes,' what is the smallest number of books a person can own to have every reprinted C&H strip?
What name does Calvin give his fictitious little brother in his letter to Santa
What is the name of Calvin's jungle-faring alter ego?
Complete the line: 'Hmph. I'd do it again in a minute. Susie likes my ________.' -Hobbes
What is the name of the device Calvin adds to the duplicator to duplicate only his good side?
What was the name of the Spaceman Spiff precursor that Bill Watterson drew in college?

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