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Forced Order
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Man try say he's better than me
Mention my name in your tweets
Better than me?
Best in the scene?
Couple man called me a
Onstage at the BRITs,
If that makes me a
The man in your vids,
The man in your pics,
Man wanna chat about
Big man like me
I'm a big man,
Army comes
I can't run
Walk in the club
Party's done,
Apart from the girl dem,
Walk in the club,
Tell a man like I'm
There's no champagne,
Yeah, I'm the best,
I've got a mob like
I set trends,
They catch feelings,
They roll deep,
Got about 25 goons
They drink Bailey's,
I get merky,
If you got a G-A-T
Most of the real bad boys
If you wanna do me something,
I'm not a gangster,
But you see my man over there
Dare one of you man
All of my mandem
I might sing but
Headline tour,
When we roll in,
I'm so London,
Food in the ends
Flipz don't talk
I wanna make
Like 'yo Mum,
All of my ex girls
Talk to my face,
Had four bills
Little red whip
I straight murk,
I take care
These MCs wanna talk about
You ain't even
Dead MCs, blud,
Me and your girl,
Kill a whole crew of
Kill a whole crew of
I was out hungry,
Man tried eat then
Now these n*ggas,
Hot chocolate and a
I'm a big man,
Man were upset about the
Yeah, I was gassed at the
Why? Cause I ain't won a
Der, All of you MCs
Shut down Wireless,
Shoutout Deepee,
Best my age,
If you don't rate me,
If you don't rate me,
Can I order a deathbed
He wants beef with me?
Anyone else wanna
Anyone else wanna
Imposters wanna
Stiff Chocolate,
Check it, Don't even talk too much,
Dem man still go
Saw me turn from
Two cigarettes and
Told the bouncer
Man in the kitchen
Stiff Chocolate,
Smooth on this ting,

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