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Which progamer was shunned from the game due to a major match-fixing scandal?
Winner of the first ever MLG Starcraft 2 tournament?
Most winningest foreigner player to date (June 2012)
The team that was credited for popularizing hellion harass play in Starcraft 2
This upgrade was removed from the protoss arsenal due to a popular warp-in strategy
The first non-Korean/non-Blizzard map to ever be played in a Korean Starleague
Foreigner who twice made it to the Ro4 stage of the GSL
Winner of the first ever GSL tournament for Starcraft 2
Widely considered to be the first 'bonjwa' on the Starcraft E-Sports scene
Largest map that was played competitively, to date, in Starcraft 2
Was considered to be the first major tournament won by a foreigner with Korean players in attendance
The anion pulse-crystals upgrade applies to this Brood War or Starcraft 2 unit
Gained popularity on stream for using the infestor in a variety of situations
This foreigner progamer famously beat BoxeR in an IEF Brood War Tournament in 2009
Amongst the many nicknames for this player, Tornado Terran was one of them
Gained success under the nickname 'Foxer' in the early stages of his career
This player all-killed IM in a shocking upset in the GSTL
Day9 famously beat this progamer in WCG 2005 USA in the first round

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