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Can you name the Zelda A-Z?

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A- Desert Temple in Twilight Princess
B- Biggest Sword in Ocarina of Time
C- Your fairy in Phantom Hourglass
D- Sage of Fire
E- Link's horse
F- The spirit in your sword (Skyward Sword)
G- Ganondorfs Race
H- The Kingdom of...
I- Zelda's bodyguard/Sage of Shadow
J- Swallowed Ruto's Sapphire
K- Link was raised by the ______ race in Ocarina of Time
L- Zelda's choice weapon
M- Rides Wolf Link
O- Warp out of a dungeon using this creepy bird thing in Twilight Princess
P- Ghosts
Q- Boss inside the Great Deku Tree
R- Sage of Light
S- Young Link's projectile weapon
T- Fairy in Majora's Mask
U- Whale-shaped island in Phantom Hourglass
V- The background of the villain is told in Minish Cap
W- Conduct the wind with the...
Y- Blizetta is really this person
Z- Villian who plagues Hyrule with twilight

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