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Forced Order
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A - Team Avatar's non-bending genius
B - Kuvira's former fiance
C - Mako and Bolin's uncle
D - Northern Water Tribe male twin
E - Northern Water Tribe female twin
F - The Avatar's pro-bending team
G - Evil lavabender
H - Founder of Future Industries
I - Tenzin's middle child
J - Tenzin's oldest child
K - The Avatar
L - Chief of police in Republic City
M - Tenzin's third child
N - The Avatar's polar bear dog
O - Toph's airbending granddaughter
P - Tenzin's non-bending wife
R - President of Republic City
S - Founder of the metal city of Zaofu
T - Amon's brother and former Republic City councilman
U - The Avatar's evil Uncle
V - Frequently tells Zhu Li to 'DO THE THING'
W - The very first Avatar
X - Founder of the Red Lotus. Spirit grove named after him.
Y - New airbender who was in the Earth Queen's army with Kai
Z - Evil airbender. Red Lotus member

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