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Can you name the Pokémon - Ghost Types?

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PokéDex NumberPokémonGeneration
Number 92Gen 1
Number 93Gen 1
Number 94Gen 1
Number 200Gen 2
Number 292Gen 3
Number 302Gen 3
Number 353Gen 3
Number 354Gen 3
Number 355Gen 3
Number 356Gen 3
Number 425Gen 4
Number 426Gen 4
Number 429Gen 4
Number 442Gen 4
Number 477Gen 4
Number 478Gen 4
Number 479Gen 4
Number 487Gen 4
Number 562Gen 5
Number 563Gen 5
Number 592Gen 5
Number 593Gen 5
PokéDex NumberPokémonGeneration
Number 607Gen 5
Number 608Gen 5
Number 609Gen 5
Number 622Gen 5
Number 623Gen 5
Number 679Gen 6
Number 680Gen 6
Number 681Gen 6
Number 708Gen 6
Number 709Gen 6
Number 710Gen 6
Number 711Gen 6
Number 720Gen 6
Number 724Gen 7
Number 741Gen 7
Number 769Gen 7
Number 770Gen 7
Number 778Gen 7
Number 781Gen 7
Number 792Gen 7
Number 802Gen 7

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