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Can you name the Harry Potter things or people?

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A- Dumbledore's brother
B- Home to the Vanishing Cabinet that is not in the Room of Requirement
C- Hermione's cat
D- Horcrux that once belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw
E- Stupid owl
F- Centaur that teacher Divination
G- Hagrids half-brother
H- Class taught by Professor Binns
I- One of the Unforgivable Curses
J- The genius behind the whole series
K- Ernie Prang drives the...
L- Judge of the Triwizard Tournament (has a gambling problem)
M- Who to buy robes from in Diagon Alley
N- The O.W.L.S and the...
O- What Snape teaches Harry in 'The Order of the Phoenix'
P- Hermione's is an otter
Q- The Lovegood family newspaper
R- Animagus is a Beetle
S- Minister after Fudge
T- Can only be seen by those who have seen death
U- Voldemort can be found drinking the blood of this creature in the Forbidden Forest
V- Refers to Hermione as Herm-o-ninny
W- Barty Crouch's ex house elf
X- Luna Lovegood's father
Y- A fun night with the Patil twins at the...
Z- A shop in Hogsmeade

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