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Can you name the Avatar the Last Airbender A-Z?

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A- The Avatar!
B- Earth Kings pet not platypus bear, just...bear
C- Sparky Sparky Boom Man
D- The secret police of Ba Sing Se
E- Island where Zuko, Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula have fun at the beach
F- King Bumi's pet
G- Aangs guardian, mentor, and friend
H- Earth bender who Katara helps save from fire nation ship, Grows a mustache later.
I- Zuko's uncle
J- Aang's first fire bending teacher
K- The only waterbender left in the South Pole
L- Leader of the Dai Li
M- Zuko's girl
N- The Air Temple where Team Avatar meets Teo and the Mechanist
O- Fire Lord/Phoenix King
P- Kataras alter ego in the Fire Nation river town
Q- The fire nation general who invades the northern air temple and take the air ship design
R- Avatar before Aang
S- Sokka's girl, uses fans
T- The BEST character in the entire avatar series(opinion of course), Blind earthbender/metalbender
U- Sea monster that lives by Kyoshi Island
V- The archer in the Rough Rhinos
W- The tribe Katara and Sokka are from
X- Promoter and host of Earth Rumble 6
Y- The new moon spirit
Z- The banished prince

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